Multiple Uses & Design Considerations

The WILDCARD Trailer has been designed and built by a family-owned and operated business with more than 20 years’ experience as grain producers in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

Multiple Uses

  • Carting bulk fertiliser to sheds
  • Filling air seeder or combine seeder
  • Carting bulk fertilizer out to spreaders or planes
  • Split fertiliser loads e.g. urea, NS
  • Auger can unload the lead trailer or truck in a long vehicle configuration without unhooking
  • Carting grain at harvest
  • Loading itself from other trucks
  • Split grain loads
  • Unloading grain into field/chaser bins or other trucks
  • Carting grain out to and loading sheep/cattle feeders in paddocks

Design Considerations

  • Seamless construction design to resist corrosion for long life
  • Low centre of gravity when loaded and tipping
  • 42.4m2 total capacity
  • Large openings allow loading with large front end loaders
  • Eliminates climbing up to shovel grain/fertiliser into corners to reach capacity
  • Unloading rate is self-regulated by the speed of the auger or what implement it is unloading into
  • Can be towed as a lead or tag trailer in a long vehicle configuration
  • The auger cannot only unload the trailer but can be spun round to load product into its front or rear tank from other trucks, bulker bags or silos—ideal for cleaning those piles of spilt grain
  • As a tag trailer its auger can be used to unload the truck or front trailer without unhooking—ideal for carting urea from the depot to the farm where the spreader is; also benefits at seeding time for 3 different products!
  • Auger height can be raised or lowered to reach into field bins right down to sheep feeders or bulker bags on the ground
  • The hopper design enables the auger and hopper to be self-cleaning to stop seed/fertiliser contamination in air seeders and is easier and safer for the operator
  • 4 tool boxes built into the tanks to store spare knife points, bolts, metering rollers and tools, etc.
  • Remote control functions to allow operation from the top of the air seeder, silo or tractor cab
  • Maintenance is simple with only 2 bearings on the main auger that are easily accessed to grease
  • Washing out is simple with no baffles to remove—the tanks are fitted with 360o wash down heads so the tanks can be washed out without climbing into them—simply plug in the fire fighter hose to a camlock fitting

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